#22 The Encounter

I have been watching you for a while and it seems you are in quite a bit of a mess here.

Umm. I don’t know. Who are you by the way?

Me. Oh I am just somebody. Someone you meet down the lane while you go for your morning walk or when you take a cab to your work or when you play with your friends.

And why are you so interested in me?

Hey now look here. You are not interesting ok. You just happened to be in a part of a system that was created by me.

What are you talking about?

I sounded like crap right. Ha ha ha. Chill. It just happened that you piqued my interest and I have been watching you since.


Since the beginning of the dream.


Leave it now. So what have you to say about your precarious situation?

I don’t know. I have this feeling that I am deep shit but since I have been in it for a while I can’t distinguish it now.

Ha ha ha. That’s an interesting take on things. The more deeper you are in shit the less you realize your shitty situation. So what’s your plan?

Nothing of as such. Just keep on going and take a stand if possible and fight for it.

Easier said than done. So tell me where do you think you are, I mean do you think you are in your own dream and these all are your making or is there something weird and different about it.

If you are talking about all the dream that I have been having then they are mine right. Only that recently they have all started turning out to be nightmares and horrors.

Oh I see.

I like to dream. To see all those things left unseen and do things that are left undone and explore places and fly around.

Yes, I know that. And because of that you have my attention.


You dream like a freebird. Dream big and small and enjoy them. Fly across their realms and face everything that comes in the way. I have seen many like you from places you can’t quite fathom and you all have been my small interests. My objects of time pass to say precisely.

Oh all right.

And I like to play with them and get to know them you know.

Oh ok.

Hmmm. So as I was saying I have my eyes on you and it seems you have been in a state of disillusion and haven’t yet seen the clear picture yet. So let me show it you.

He patted on my shoulder to follow him and I followed him like an obedient dog, wagging my tail and panting hard. We came to a room and he stopped and opened the door.

Look inside and let those wraps around your eyes come unraveling. Stay where you are and don’t go inside. You don’t want to be trespassing now do you?

I looked inside the room. It was a big room, sky bluish in color fading towards the top until it became white and extending endlessly to the top. Someone was sitting on the floor there in the center of the room and she was playing with a crystal ball. The ball was emitting radiance and various colors flickered in and out of it.

I am scared guy basically so I heeded his advice and stood there to see who it was. And then it happened. She turned her head and it was her. She gave me a wicked smile which turned into innocence and sadness and I could see her eyes were getting moist. She extended her hand out to me, extending it until I could reach it. I wanted to badly.

There she was in front of me, sitting all alone and looking sad and sulky and asking for me to help her. My arms were asking me to respond to her distress call but something said that I shouldn’t. His advice was booming in my head.

And with clenched fists and a shaken spirit, I turned back and closed the door to the room. I was in tears knowing that I couldn’t help her when she needed me. I am a dumbass. A coward.

So did you see it?

I don’t know. What is she doing there all alone? She was sad and depressed. What have you done to her, tell me. And why? You know she is my life, so why is she suffering for my emotions.

You have seen it dear but still you can’t accept it, can you. It’s one of the many unique experiences you have here that make this place beautiful. I have experimented with it for centuries and I can say that this is the best that have come up for years now. And I am quite proud of it.


So enough of this now. I have tried to help you and see what is to be seen and hear what is to be heard. Leave this place now and think about it in your head. Where logic triumphs and fantasies and drams take a back seat. Maybe you will see the picture there.

And his eyes twinkled like a star burning away its life and the light intensified till a flash was seen.

I wake up to the purr of my cat. He had found it too cozy to sleep beside me and had made comfortable there. It lay sleeping, all curled up, tail tucked beneath her. Its quarter past seven. Not my usual time. But my sleep is gone. No more sand left in my eyes.

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