#21 My Wish

I left you all with a question. What do you wish for?

So I wrote down the piece and posted it here and then went to sleep. And I dreamt. I dreamt of all the weird and possible dreams my friends and readers could think of. They were so many, I couldn’t fathom them all. They all flooded through me in an endless array of pictures and videos which I guess my subconscious was subjected to somewhere down the lane.

At the end I was confronted by one of them, face changing with each second like a legion of people, friends and all I knew.

And then they asked me a question. In a booming, crass, rhythmic voice.

Now what do you wish for dear?

And a wide grin appeared in their face, mocking me. The same grin I had in my face when I asked you the question. You have just passed the ball on to me.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and had a peep into my memories.

And in an instance I knew what I wished for.

A single wish. No more no less.

I wish to be with her. Together. Until death do part us. That’s all.

Their eyes shriveled back into its normal shape, blood resumed its flow into them and the grin slowly became caressed and dressed for a happy mood. Calmness was seen in their other evil face. And they smiled a warm and happy smile. Cheers were hallowed throughout the landscape and thunderous claps could be heard.

For me it didn’t take long to decide upon my wish. She meant the world to me and I would like to spend the rest of my life with her. So do I have any options left? There are always choices but are they compatible with what you really desire and look forward to.

And then there is the factor of time. What I am now and what I was before and what I will be tomorrow are completely unanswerable. My past is past, gone. I can look into them and cry to have them back. My future is unpredictable. There are a million choices ahead of me now. I don’t know what I will choose now and why I will choose them and what will be their outcome.

But I can at least try to live my life now. With all the emotions and memories of yesteryear and the dreams and hope of tomorrow. And in that I find you to be my wish. No more no less.

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