#20 Surprise!

It’s really intriguing you know, when you are asked to make a wish. It really is.

Let’s imagine a leprechaun has suddenly appeared in front of you, or even a genie. Now this was totally unaccounted for and you are taken by surprise. And before you can gather your breath, you are asked to make a wish.

You make take this as a prank. Yeah right. But no its not. And as he waits for you to make your wish, you might even ask for a moment to see whether this is even real or not. And when you realise that this is happening to you, you begin to wonder on what you want to wish for.

And now you enter the realm of Morpheus. Dream. All of them flash before your eyes. Your dreams, your nightmares, the things you desire the most and want to possess all for yourself. The seven sins are tempting you to pick one of them and you will eventually go with one of them. It is very hard to escape their long binding grasp. You are confronted with the paradox of choice. Even choice will have a long laugh here, looking at your ghastly situation.

Note that while you ponder through these, you are being quietly laughed at. By all the wishing pools, shooting stars, demigods, dginns, wizards and witches alike. They feast to your confounded conundrum. And raise a toast and enjoy the entertainment.

So now I come to my point that is:

What do you wish for?

[And we have an endless array of mischievous smiling, two horned, purple faced smiley staring at you. Good luck.]

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