#19 Moral of the Story!

Let me tell you a story. A short story. There was an elephant. A proud and ferocious elephant. He was the biggest of the lot, the leader of their herd. His tusks grew long and heavy and sharp and he carried it with pride. His decisions were echoed through his companions and he made a point to enforce it onto them. So some of them were good decisions while others were bad and brought them close to peril quite a few times. And since he remained unchallenged and the concept of a democratic leader was absent among them, he remained their leader. And as all proud leaders he saw to it that his needs came first and only then would they subjected to his crew. This raised questions and complaints among the remainders but he hushed them all with his mighty blow and show of power. And so he romped and enjoyed the fruits of the forests and the waters of the rivers with greed and gluttony.

One day as he was passing through a clearing he saw some men working around a dense crop of shoots with their tools. He called on them, to which they ran away. His greed for these succulent shoots was well known among his herd and they knew that this would only bring him and therefore them, misfortune. And as they imagined the consequences, he rushed on to the shoots to feast on them for himself. The men who were here to harvest these shoots for the newspaper industry saw what they had ran into and decided to find a solution to this.

So they decided to find another clearing in the forests where these shoots would line up the edge of the forest and they would begin to work there, ever vigilant on the cry of that elephant and waiting to trap it and put an end to its greed. Now the elephant overcome with greed and lust for the shoot knew that the men he had saw would not give up and try to look for another clearing somewhere in the vast forest. So he decided to follow them from far away. His herd opposed this strongly to which he protested and demanded that his herd heed his say and follow him. He also promised them a fair share of his find. The herd wasn’t convinced and they said they would not follow him but wait for him here in this clearing for his return. He was mad with rage and began to go wild when the prospect of having his entire find to himself got hold of him and he managed to control his rage and calm down. He then decided that he would go alone and that he would return in a weeks’ time. Until then he made his brother his standby. And he left to find his treasure.

And so the elephant sneaked on the men and followed them for two days. The men were aware of this. An elephant sneaking around someone was not that hard to spot given his huge demeanor. And so they schemed away while he sneaked up on them. Finally the men found a clearing in just the perfect way they wanted and they set about to the things they had planned. The elephant came to see what his treasure looked like and was awestruck. One of the biggest find lay just ahead of him and all of it to himself. He would make his herd pay for not trusting in him and would make them jealous and cry for their indifferent behavior. He decided to attack them at the pitch of the night.

The men had been watching over the elephant for these days and they knew what they were up to. They made up the trap and lay low away from their find in the distance with a few of them to sit down as the bait. Darkness came followed by more darkness and then even more until it was pitch black. They knew the time had come and readied their trap. Soon they found the earth trembling and thuds becoming louder and louder. The elephant soon got into its raging mode and ran at the lot with all its might, wreaking havoc and causing the birds to fly away with fear at this dark time. And as he was a few feet away from his treasure, the ground gave in and a loud thud was heard followed by a loud and shrieking trumpet that was echoed in the forests for quite some time. The men who were posted as the baits, hurrahed at their efforts to bring an end to the elephant’s greed and at their flawless execution the plan. They had earlier sent a convoy of men and had already begun to dig a hole near their find, which they had already discovered and had earmarked it for later extraction. The hole was 15 feet deep and was large enough for just that one elephant. Then they made sure that it was covered up in the best possible natural way and ensured that it would give way easily under the weight of the elephant.

And so the men laughed at their prey, and to add to its misery, they clawed away the shoots in front of the elephant itself. The elephant cried for help, first out of rage and anger, then in despair and dejection. Within a weeks’ time, the treasure was gone and slowly the men left, taking it with them and leaving behind a few for their prey to munch on in its final hours. The elephant became woeful and began to shrivel away without food and water. Slow death was approaching it and he couldn’t do anything to stall it away. The prospect of his herd coming to his rescue also began to look bleak. One does get a lot of time to introspect upon one’s life and deeds at the hour of death. And slowly but surely the elephant breathed his last breath, which was now devoid of pride and power but was soaked in sadness and remorse. The vultures that had been circling for days above him, slowly descended upon their feast. They could last for weeks with their find. At least someone found their treasure and could enjoy them for weeks.

So how was the story huh?

It was ok. Not much of a story. It was plain. Not much action or anything.

You are lucky you heard this. Ok. When I was a child I was offered a small and trimmed version of this: Once there was a proud elephant. One day he walked proudly and he fell into a hole and there he died. The end. You guys got more than this right. So off you go then. Learn to appreciate what you have and to live with it. And let go off the things that were never meant to be yours. With grace.

Learn to appreciate what you have and to live with it and let go off the things that were never meant to be yours with grace. Was she never meant to be mine? So should I let her go off with grace? Can’t I give it a final tug? At least for my sake. For my inner peace?

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