#19 Moral of the Story!

Let me tell you a story. A short story. There was an elephant. A proud and ferocious elephant. He was the biggest of the lot, the leader of their herd. His tusks grew long and heavy and sharp and he carried it with pride. His decisions were echoed through his companions and he made a point to enforce it onto them. So some of them were good decisions while others were bad and brought them close to peril quite a few times. And since he remained unchallenged and the concept of a democratic leader was absent among them, he remained their leader.

#18 Fear

Fear. We are bound by it. Its rules. A domain we have tried to capture over the decades but in vain. I have fear. We all have. We are born with it. We are inherent to it. We are a consequence of it. A culmination of all the fears blended and bottled in this unique, one of a kind mixture. There is the fear of sparks. When we plug in something to a love socket. We sometimes visualize ourselves falling prey to the sparks that fly out occasionally, interacting with our innocent hands, fiddling with it before throwing it onto the nearby wall along with us.