#16 Goliath

Wake up. They are at the brink of the valley. And soon they will be here, maybe in a couple of hours. Get ready to play your part which I guess will be quite easy for you. I hope this gets over as fast as possible. Can’t wait to get back to my family.

He was small. Puny I must say. And none of the above made any sense. So I decided to wake up and have a grasp of what was going on. The horses were neighing, being prepared for some sort of a war or invasion. There were clangs and bash of metal and the silhouette of people walking towards another tent in great hurry and discipline can be seen. They all looked small, the people, the horses and the dogs. I was dressed in a loose drape and my breakfast had been laid out in the plate near to me; bread, fruits and cheese with a big urn of wine. I got up and had my fill. A soldier entered and bowed before me and gave me my clothes. They were big, huge to be precise. Maybe they seemed huge compared to the soldier who brought them here. He was nearly half my size.

Hey. Why are you so small?

Not the kind of joke we like Goliath. Keep them to yourself. Just because you are bigger to me doesn’t give you the right to boss over me. Ok.

What did you call me?


No what did you call me. Just repeat it.

What’s got into you? It’s a big day. Is this the work of the wine? Come one. That’s your daily share. Now stop messing around and get dressed up.

Everything suddenly felt fishy. I am in a battlefield for sure. But where, what, why. I don’t know. I got up and put up my armor. Another soldier entered and brought me my spear and javelin. He said that the sword will be handed over by the general himself. And with that he left. More questions popped in but I remained silent. I was trapped in the situation of Gulliver. All of them who appeared were half my size and they were scared to look at me. I think I was revered here. What for. Who am I fighting?  What will they look like? I had answers to seek and that name with which I was addressed sounded familiar. But I couldn’t hold onto it for long. Heavy mindedly I stepped out.

I was greeted by a huge applause by the crowd. There were soldiers, squires, farmers, nurses, cooks among them. They were jubilant on seeing me and began chanting my name.

GOLIATH! GOLIATH! Wrath bringer.

GOLIATH! GOLIATH! Hell raiser.

Bring them to their knees oh mighty one. Be our champion.


The muddy waters began to clear themselves and I had a clear picture of what was to follow. I was Goliath, of Goth, a fearsome warrior of utmost power and battle prowess. I was the champion of my people, my army. I was their hero, their pride. They looked up at me with victory, with rage in their eyes, with the sweet prospect of the treasure they will be able to plunder after my victory over my enemy. The chanting came to a slow halt and an impounding voice boomed over.

Soldiers. Today we take victory from our enemy. Today we march; we march with our champion Goliath. May he bring hell to our enemies, may he drink their blood and sup on their fears. May he bring victory to us. Hail Goliath.


And now as the custom goes, I give him his sword, to bestow justice upon our enemies. To give them a swift entry to the lords land.


And I was handed over my sword. It was made with the utmost skill and precision and with that my hand was complete. I took a few swings with it and it glided like a bliss cutting the air like butter. I sheathed it and walked forwards to take my spot out in the front. My name was being chanted as I walked on, never before had I been subjected to such a reception. I felt great about it. I was happy. And I was proud of it. And yes I will lead my people to victory. I feel great and ready to hack through.

I took my position and waited the enemy to show up in the distance. After I long wait, with the enemy in sight I was told to go forward and do my part, which was to intimidate the enemy and talk them over to send their champion to a trial by combat, they representing their clan so as to avoid any unwanted bloodshed. The victor would then have complete dominion of their enemy and they would be their slaves. It seemed sensible after I witnessed my competition. They were too half my size, easy pickings as they were cowering before my presence. I didn’t want the bloodshed also. So this was a nice way of going through the proceedings.

We are people of this land and we fight for it, for our people, for our loved ones and for the right to live our lives. Let’s avoid the bloodshed and send forward your champion to fight against me to a trial by combat. The victor walks away with the leash of slavery of the loser. Are you upto this or do you want to die by my sword a ghastly death.

They withdrew after hearing this and took their time to discuss this. And as the day came to a close a decision was not reached to. So my patience got the better if me and I took out my sword and swung a heavy blow to a nearby boulder which broke into pieces. And I made my point clear. By tomorrow a consensus must be reached without which I would be forced to unleash my fury.

The night went by with the song of victory being sung by the soldiers and the people and those partying to the festive mood that they were sure of would befall them in the coming days. Victory was within their cusp and their champion would deliver it to them the following day.

And so the sun shone yet again to a bright day and the proceedings were initiated. It seemed no one was willing to fight me. They were scared of me. How could they fight a giant, a seasoned warrior who has brought his wrath to countless armies that have fought them. They cowered in his presence. Their swords would only break in the armor he was clad in. And just when it seemed that all hope was lost for, out came a lad, a young well groomed lad in his shepherds bag and loose clothes. He walked straight to me, pushing aside his compatriots who were begging him to come back, not to walk into the hands of the devil itself.

I challenge you oh mighty one. I challenge you to a trial by combat.

Hahahaha. You challenge me, you puny one. You are young and bred well, one who hasn’t seen the wars men rage and here you come to challenge me. Who are you little one.

I am David, the champion of my people.

David. That name rung in my head and I focused on his features. Yes I have seen him.  He was there when I met her in the castle. She introduced me to him. His name was David. And he was hers and she was his now. This was her playground. This was a trial. A trial for her. I fear shook me to my core. I became paralysed by the thought of what I was being dragged into. The chants of my people suddenly seemed by death cry. I was asking for a death wish. Something made me draw my sword and growl like a frenzied animal. I was charging at him with all might and before I knew it I saw a stone was hurling at me at great speed at hit me cleanly and devastatingly at my temple. My head was forced to the sky and I saw it circling around me. The vultures slowly began to circle the sky above me and I fell to the ground with a loud thud. Dust rose from the parched ground. The chants stopped and people were left aghast with shock. My eyes were fading out. I saw people crying with shock, my people, their champion had fallen, to an irrelevant competition. I had brought them shame. Slavery was upon them. And the silence was filled with cries of despair and dejection and joy and victory from the opposite side.

Before my eyes closed, he came near me and said:

I am sorry for what has befallen you. I pray to lord that he make you a champion of champion in his land. And I hope you get the message after this clearly.

I nodded me head with all my might and opened my mouth to say yes but was spurting out blood and with that I took my final breath. No more chants. No more victory dances. Silence and peace was around me. I need to embrace this.

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