#15 Chai Sutta

My heavy eyes open to the tolling of the church bells. It’s a Sunday and people like me hate to be woken up early in the mornings of a lazy Sunday. Damn the church bells. I try to pull up my blanket and curl away into slumber but the clang of the bells pierce my ears and make me remorse. And thus in a slight temper I wake up and brush aside the curtains. And more regret sets it. The sky is dark and gloomy and there is a slight drizzle. A cold breeze catches me and prompts me to curse the church boy.

#14 The Messenger

All I remember is a loud cracking noise and the sky turned grayish blue. The sun ran away with fear and the moon didn’t make an appearance. The stars were too afraid to step into the limelight and so the colors of the sky marked the approach of his evil grin. It was wide and haunting. Winds began to whimper at his voice, loud and booming, still echoing in my ears. And then he lashed out his fury, blinding white streaks of pure power, piercing my eyes the more I strained to look at them. They came down crashing and destroyed the few trees and the concrete jungle we once had proudly erected. No one had seen him in such a furious state. And then with a bang he took charge of the wind with his lasso and began to swirl it into a heap.

#13 The Tempest

I am a natural dreamer. Give me a few minutes and if I attain my sleepy state in that time frame, I am sure to have dreamt something. So dreaming has always fascinated me. Many times they were weird and unreal. Many times I could feel my surroundings. Among them the snake has given me a hard time. I have had occasions when the dream became so real that I had to lie in bed in my delusional state to figure out if the snake was creeping in one me or not. And it would take minutes for me to come to my senses, resulting in some of the agonizing moments in my life. I fear them. Yes I do. They are deadly.