#12 Hey. Wassup

Um, hello.


Hi. How are you?

I am good. How are you?

I am fine. Been some time since I called you. So where are you now?

Um I am here in Kochi only.

So didn’t you go to your Grandma’s place? I thought you said you will be going there soon. You told me that you haven’t met your Grandma for a while.

Oh you remember that. Well I thought of going there but had to postpone it. But I called her up and we talked for a while.

Oh that’s great. So how’s work and all.

Going good as always. We had a small trip. With my team you know.

Oh good.

Yeah. That’s the latest update. So where are you now?

I am at home now. Moms feeding me well so this time I decided to stay at home and help her out by eating my share and a bit more.

He he. Nice. And when will you bake me that cake you promised.

Oh did I. Well let’s see, the next time we meet at my place for a coffee.

Yeah ok. Listen I am getting a call now. Can I call you after some time?

Sure no problem. Just give me a ring. I’ll call you back.

Ok. Thanks. Take care. Bye

Yeah bye.

I couldn’t stop at it here. So I called her back after a couple of hours. Her phone was ringing but no response. So I continued with my task and she finally responded in my ninth attempt.

Hey what’s the matter?

No nothing. Where were you? I called you a lot.

Yeah I can see that. My phone was showing eight missed calls and before I can text you your call came ringing. So what’s the urgency?

Na nothing. We didn’t finish our last chat na.

Oh wow. So I can’t take a bath also eh. I mean I have to talk to you and complete our conversation before I am allowed to do anything?

No nothing like that.

Then what.

Nothing. It’s just that I wanted to talk to you. That’s all. That call came and after that you didn’t respond.

Oh ok. Well I just finished it a few minutes back. And then my bath was getting cold. So I had to finish that up. Ok

Yeah I guess.


So wassup.

Nothing new as I told you.

Are you texting cause there is a delay in our conversation.

Ah well he just sent me a text and I was replying to it. Sorry.

Oh ok. Friend eh.

Yeah friend of mine. He is an awesome guy you know. I was talking to him only.


Oh my god. Ha Ha Ha.

What happened?

Oh he just texted mea joke. It’s really funny.

Care to share.

Bah it’s nothing new for you guys I think. Its non veg and you might have come upon tons of these.

Oh ok.

Oh well I guess it’s getting late. I have to go to work tomorrow a bit early. I have little work pending for my presentation day after tomorrow.

Oh well best of luck for that.

Thanks. Well take care.

Yeah take care. See you. Bye.

Bye. Good night.

And the phone goes silent. Am I to read between the lines here, cause I feel there is something she is implying with her changed attitude. Her sound suddenly seemed to have lost its charm you know. It was one of the things that drew me to her which resulted in endless nights and heavy phone bills. And now the zeal for talking is gone. Seems like we have nothing to talk about and so nothing new among us. Is this how good things come to an end? Or is it that I am making up things to satisfy my jealous mind that have been subjected to some discomforting dreams of the late. Some sort of a measure should be taken here. Let’s see.

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