#11 Davids Day

Today’s movie in Asianet features the electrifying and dynamic Jayasuriya and the Masculine and charming Anoop Menon in David and Goliath. Don’t miss it at 2 in the afternoon. Sponsored by Medimix Skin care soap and Idea Internet Network.

Nice start to the day. I was stuck in his name and if this keeps on going then I think this will be a long day for me. I don’t know why my dreams always have to stop at crucial moments and it is these moments that remain with me when I wake up. And they don’t give me peace in the real world. They creep up through different instances and give me the sting. So I finish my tea and breakfast and move on to the newspaper. I start from the back of the paper, that’s my style. Sports precede others. The weekend had just passed by and I was waiting for some exciting football news. Cricket season was off for some weeks and the English football season was approaching its end. Now is the time for some verbal conflicts between managers and their stars. And this is what greeted me.

David Silva proves to be the difference in the North London derby. Bold. Maxed out size. And there was an inlet of Silva scoring for City amidst the backdrop of cheering fans. Yup. This will be a long day for me. Must find a way to move on. I turned the pages to whatever interesting I can find to read and hoped to avoid anymore encounters with the David kind. I found him in the form of David Cameron in the international page but this was expected. He was in the news for the past few days so nothing new there.

I managed to gulp up the paper to an extent when the phone began ringing out loud. It was John.

Hello there John.

Hey man. How are you? It’s been a long time since we met.

Yeah. A long time. Are you still in Bangalore? How are you?

I am fine. Yeah I am still in Bangalore in my old company itself. Waiting for some good opportunity to come by. So how are you?

I am fine. My life is going on as usual. So what made you remember me?

No nonsense eh. Well fine. In two months time my sister is getting married. You remember her na. Jeena.

Yeah I remember her. She is one year younger to you right.

Yes she is. And by that you could have understood that this is a love marriage.

That’s what I thought so. So who is the lucky one? Gosh I remember she had lots of fans behind her in her college days.

Yeah but this is none of them. She went around with some of them for a while but never got serious.

Oh ok. So who brought in her this change?

Well she met him at work. They are in the same company but different departments.

Oh that’s nice. So she will be with him in Pune then.

Yeah. Mom had always wanted her to be near her but that aint gonna happen soon.

Hmm. So where is this guy from? How is he? What’s his name?

He is from Thrissur only. He is good man. They make an awesome pair. Oh and his name is David Paul Thomas.

Great. Just when I thought everything was going well, surprise surprise. My talk after this progressed slowly and softly and I had to cut it short with him with an excuse. I assured to him that I will try my best to attend the wedding. We exchanged our byes and hung up. A headache was looming in. The clock showed 12. My mood was off. So I thought to take a pre lunch nap of maybe two hours. Let’s see when I get up and whether the situation will improve. I folded back the papers and went off to my room telling my mom of my nap and when to wake me up. She scolded me and returned back to her chores. Doors shut, fans on and off to the land of dreaming.

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