Offbeats: #1 Perspective

Sharpness and distinct lines define her face. The lines emanate from the tip of her ears to the better part of her cheek. And what follows next is an intricately carved out set of lines, curving in the smoothest of manners to the tip of her chin. Rounds, ovals or angels have never found an edge with me singularly but when they are mixed in the perfect proportion, I get her. It defines direction but with finesse and caress. And when she smiles, which is almost all the time, her chin comes to life and projects out, demanding all the attention towards it. Sharpness suddenly transforms into calmness and grace. And it can be visible from the edge of her lips to the end of her chin but its volume is dependent on the degree of her smile.

Speaking of her smile, it is intoxicating. I find it hard to conjure up a decent smile most of the time but for her it’s just a walk in the park. And they even radiate out form the various photos that I have of her. Normally when she smiles, her laughter lines turn up their magic and extend to the right width so as to accommodate her warmness and happiness. Her whites are generously showered to you, hiding their tips under her lower lip. The resulting mixture of crimson and white makes me happy. And then there is her occasional foxy smile. All the shyness and feminism of a fox is hidden in it. She wraps around her upper lip more tightly to the base of her teeths and the lower lip then consumes most of the leftover whites. It’s these leftovers lying around that sometimes in unison or single sidedly, make it foxy. This kind of smile is usually associated with some underlying wickedness and if so I would do anything to see it more often.

A pointy kind of a nose adores her. It starts with the mightiness and finesse of a sabre, but midway through gathers some taste and by the end it becomes blunt. The bluntness takes the shape of a cue ball made by skilled craftsmen that makes the light falling on it bounce off in perfect stillness. Complimenting it are two red round cheeks. They are amusing as I haven’t been able to assign it a fixed profile as of yet. They keep on changing and so does their color. Shades of red and pink ranging from the babies side to the burnt side can be found in them. And they firmly make their way to the bridge of the nose, evening out smoothly to result in the bare minimum of under eye darkness.

Now her eyes my god, are lustful and seductive as well as menacing and merciful. They melt me every time I have a glimpse at it and to my luck I have mostly dealt with her cool and calm and happy avatar for the time. They are fresh like the apples that are kissed by the morning dew, reflecting its sumptuousness and passion in the rising sun. The clear starry sky one finds visible as one travels to the mountains which are devoid of any pollution or haze is what her eyes thrust in me when she stares at me. The black and energetic lashes magnify these distinct little features of her eyes. Eyes that have ensnared me from time to time and yet set me free. And amidst all these smooth beautiful gorgeous features, her brows come forth and define precision and sharpness with zest once again. She tweaks with it now and then but that’s essential. Just like a guy in a sharp suit looks handsome and attains the status of a Gentleman, a girl with sharp and defining eyebrows just set the tone for what her face has to say. They reflect her emotions when in tandem with her eyes and lips and one can hear the many stories she has to offer. Know them and embrace them

That’s Her for you.

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