#10 Defintion

I know I have crossed the huge gate that held its ground to all those who wished to enter this castle and I find myself perplexed. I can figure out a vastness lying in front of me. This is not the kind of castle I was hoping for, which would have been surrounded by soldiers and people doing their daily chores. There was an emptiness to be found here. Emptiness like the one I experienced when the road forked and I took the road that appealed to me. The emptiness was suddenly filled with fresh fragrance of morning lilies and roses. I can see a garden just ahead of me. It was green with patches of colors creeping up here and there making it feel like I was reading a book described by Enid Blyton. The greens resembled meadows from my distance and they danced to the hues cast by the sun.

Haven’t you seen a garden?

Um yeah. But this seems familiar to me.

I don’t know what had happened but she was standing next to me in her red top and jeans. She looked beautiful in it. Appealing and downright simple. And I liked it. But I couldn’t figure out how she strayed into the picture. I mean when I was behind the gate, I was alone and afraid. Fear was taking its toll on me and I refused to give in and that somehow opened the doors to me. I was blinded by this intense light and all I remember now is that I am standing on the other side. Or am I. I doubted that. Did the gate really open? Or had I just decided to go back the path I came. I couldn’t ascertain, for I realized that I was seeing a garden similar to the one I had seen while travelling to this castle. And it made me tremble with fear. I had no clue of what was going on. Her hand touched my shoulder and she said.

Where were you? I was waiting for you for quite a long time. What took you so long?

I guess I just wandered off you know. Well how did you end up here?

That’s a strange question. I was beside you. Don’t you remember? I told you I wanted to take someplace and meet you up with someone.

Oh. I don’t remember. Truly.

Well that’s ok. I had some company to keep me occupied. The fairies were all awesome and all you. And the goblins gave some of their baked breads. One of them was Irish and that taste still lingers in my mouth. Then I taste some wine form the elves and boy that was delicious. Not tart like the ones I have tasted before but this evolved into the taste that I always liked and was easy on my throat.

Oh that nice. So what’s going on in here? Where are we heading to now?

Well I want you to meet someone.

Ok. Who is that?

I came to know him a few months back and he is an awesome guy. Just like you know. He reminds of you only and sometimes I feel I am lucky to have both of you.

Oh I see. Good. So where is he?

He is down the road. I told him to wait there for us. He too is excited to see you.

Oh right. Well then let’s walk.

Yeah. Let’s walk. Hey I have a mug of coffee with me here. I got one for you too as I know you love it. It is brewed form the finest Brazilian beans. Have a go.

Sure I would love to.

And she handed me the coffee. It was piping hot and yeah it smelled of Brazil all along. I took a sip and oh my god, it was one of the finest coffees I have ever tasted. Brewed to perfection and made from the choicest of beans without which they couldn’t make such a product. They were given to her by the dwarfs that inhabited nearby and I gave a nod of appreciation for their courtesy and delicacy. They gave me a sympathetic nod and waved me. I waved them back and walked along with her.

The garden was filled with flowers and orchards. Behind them lays a perfectly planned line of trees bearing fruits that tempted you to take a bit of each of them. And as the road progressed the strong sensuous smell of roses and lavenders were shadowed by the fruity and tingling smells of fruits and nectars. I enjoyed them as I walked with her. The garden had the same outline and structure like that of the previous one but now they were bearing tress, huge and vivid, each bearing its fruit with pride and glory. And I felt good because fruits have always pleased me. My childhood was filled with climbing the nearby guava tree and playing in its branches and climbing the orange tree when it bore its sweet juicy oranges. I now I was gaping at these trees, wishing to run towards them and pick their fruits.

I will give you one of each when we reach the end of the road. Ok

Oh wow. Ok ok.

She read me mind. Not something new. She was good at it and sometimes it avoided the angst and agony I had to go through when I wanted to tell something important to her. We were nearing the end of the road and I could see someone sitting on one of the benches. It was made out of stone for its borders and wavy surface could be seen from the distance. We were nearing him and the sun was making its way to call it a day. Shades of red and gray played their magic in the background as we neared him. He got up from his bench and waved at us. She waved back to him. And in an instance we were standing next to him.

Hey. How are you? Right on time as always.


Oh uh meet David. My ……..

The alarm blared at its mightiest to wake me up from this catastrophic scene. It was eight in the morning. Mom was busy in the kitchen making breakfast and listening to songs in the TV. My brother was probably sleeping in his room. How I wished to get sound sleep like him. I couldn’t. Maybe I was cursed. I tried to remember the dream and who he was to her. But I realized that it would take another dream for me to figure out who is was and what he was doing here. Wacky dreams I have been having of the late. A good song is chiming and it has caught my ears attention. Time to get up.

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