Offbeats: #1 Perspective

Sharpness and distinct lines define her face. The lines emanate from the tip of her ears to the better part of her cheek. And what follows next is an intricately carved out set of lines, curving in the smoothest of manners to the tip of her chin. Rounds, ovals or angels have never found an edge with me singularly but when they are mixed in the perfect proportion, I get her. It defines direction but with finesse and caress. And when she smiles, which is almost all the time, her chin comes to life and projects out, demanding all the attention towards it. Sharpness suddenly transforms into calmness and grace. And it can be visible from the edge of her lips to the end of her chin but its volume is dependent on the degree of her smile.

#10 Defintion

I know I have crossed the huge gate that held its ground to all those who wished to enter this castle and I find myself perplexed. I can figure out a vastness lying in front of me. This is not the kind of castle I was hoping for, which would have been surrounded by soldiers and people doing their daily chores. There was an emptiness to be found here. Emptiness like the one I experienced when the road forked and I took the road that appealed to me. The emptiness was suddenly filled with fresh fragrance of morning lilies and roses. I can see a garden just ahead of me. It was green with patches of colors creeping up here and there making it feel like I was reading a book described by Enid Blyton. The greens resembled meadows from my distance and they danced to the hues cast by the sun.

#9 The Stronghold

The distant monument or whatever it was had piqued an interest in me to explore it. So I took the turn to the right in the glade and here I am. I am fast approaching it and the monument keeps on growing in size. I finally figured out that it was a huge castle that sat beautifully in the middle of the meadows with the river flowing to the east of it. And the sweet smell of roses and lavenders are filling the air with the chirping and humming of the fairies that keep flying in the weirdest of all fashions. Some say hi to me and I retort. Some come and sit in my shoulders; all tired from their work and hike a ride on me for a few yards.