#8 Handle with Care

I am familiar here. Lately I have been hooked onto caffeine and I can’t shrug it off. The waiter sees me and gives me a polite smile. I reciprocate the same. My tips haven’t been great but unlike others I am consistent in it and I guess that is appreciated by the people in the café. He brings me the menu and with it the seats are drawn back for Mike and Tango. I called them here and we needed to talk, so I took the liberty to order their favourite item from the menu. Of course I confirmed with them, otherwise I would have to stuff them in my puny stomach later on.

Get us a cold coffee with fresh cream and nuts, an Irish coffee and a peach flavoured ice tea. And a slice of your strawberry soufflé.

Ok sir.

Yeah thanks.

So what’s with the meeting and all huh? Mike called me up and said you wanted to meet us here. Anything good or bad?

Yeah. We could have skyped or maybe even chatted. But well coffees don’t disappoint. So I am good here.

Ok. So well I wanted to tell you guys something. You know I have been having these dreams lately. And umm there were some good ones and some weird ones. In one of them, we were sitting here with Xulu and Charlie, having coffee and all. I thought it was all good and all until I realized that it was also a dream like the previous ones.

And how did you make that out.

She was involved in this too. It was her I can swear. It was like she was playing with me. I don’t know what’s going on in here.

Her. You mean Her right. Well well well. So are these dreams wet?

Shut up man. This is serious.

Ha ha ha. Oh my god. Ha ha ha. Oh seriously. Oh shit. Hmmm.

It’s not funny ok.

Yeah it’s not funny, but I can’t stop laughing mate. Can you Tango?


Enough guys. Be serious here.

Ok. So what are these dreams?

Well I dream of her. We are having good times and all you know. And it’s all good and all. But the previous dream was like haunting man. I mean it starts of good and all but then slowly it gets all spooky and weird. And I am left with this ghastly feeling when I wake up. It’s not good man.

Hmmm. Ok. So you really like her and all right. But you haven’t approached her yet.



What. Come on guys. What’s there to explain? I mean I don’t know why I can’t approach her. I know she is the one for me and there would be no one other than her with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life with. Give me company her Mike.

Yeah. I guess so. We all come upon that one girl who we can never forget.

And Mike goes all nostalgic.

Oh shut up. So bro, if she is the one for you then why don’t you approach her.

I think I am relationship phobic. I don’t know man. What if it’s a No. I mean what if we break up later. I would be the person crumbling to pieces in that circumstance. Not her. I mean that’s all that I am, soft and tender. Forget my tall figure and long hairs. Beneath it lies this awesome soft guy who really likes this girl but is afraid to have a commitment.

I see where you are going. And I think I know what you should do.


Grow up. Ha ha ha.

Come on dude. Don’t shit on me.

So what I get here is that you want this girl and you are assuming that it ends up happily ever after eh. That is something we all can wish for but is out of our control.


So leaving aside your insecurities and all, there are other reasons too for your lazy nature.

Well then there comes the question of caste creed and color. Basically the society. But I can’t blame them. They haven’t done I shit for me and if I want to live my life then I should go ahead with it right. But I think I am narrow minded and closed. And I can’t find a way to open up to the realities that would make me happy in my life.

And adding to that, you are your mother’s child. At this awesome teenage time, you would still listen to your mother than to her right.

Hey that’s not true. I know I love my mom I lot and all but that’s not true at all. I mean as of now it is, but it can all change when she comes into my life right. I mean I can change and I will try to.

Good for you then. So what’s stopping you now?

I don’t know man. Really I don’t know. There are a lot of factors that I can conjure up if you want but sometimes I fell those are really all the excuses I bring forward to shun out my inability. I am a mess when it comes to these matters.

Yeah. Well all know that. I can relate to that. Mike is the bold one here. She said it out loud once and got no reply. That was real fun. But later he didn’t give up and dug deep in and found the courage to approach another one. Hats off to you mate.

Gee thanks Tango. But you two really suck in this matter.

Yeah. Anyway so that’s what I wanted to talk to you guys about. I don’t know what will happen now. I dream a lot and it’s not bad when it is all me and her, having the times I have always dreamed about. But what is happening now is really out of my grasp. And guys I really want to approach her and all but you know me na. I might all melt down on seeing her. And seeing her is a task in itself.

Well take a joint and then go to sleep. Maybe you will see her better in your disillusioned state. And you can fly around and all you know.

I know. I can’t handle it nowadays. Even before a single one gets over, I am all flying and all and then I come crashing down like hell and it’s all over you know. The party has hardly began and here I am drooling away in my sleep. That is not me mate. I don’t like that and I don’t want that. So that’s it. I am stopping them for a while. It’s better to stick to beers and scotch and cigs.

Good for you then. So what now.

Well the cups empty. So what do you guys wanna do now?

Well there is this game we could watch. It starts now so I have the time to hang around. What do you say Mike.

I am also good. Let’s refill and watch the game, although I would have preferred some beers than coffees. Let’s get out of here and head out to that sports bar that s just around the corner. It’s good there.

Ok. I am all game. Beer it is then. Umm excuse me, could you please bring the bill.

Yes sir. Just a moment.

And we bid adieu to the café and head out to the bar. Did this go as I planned it would? No. Will these meetings ever give something to look forward too? No. So why do we keep on doing it? Is it the coffee? Nope. It’s just the company of your friends that really make you do this. And with them around, you could share whatever comes up in your mind; whacky, crazy, unreal ideas and still get a good laughing about it. Add a beverage to it and you have got yourself an awesome potion for happiness. So here’s to the friends that make our life awesome and sane. Cheers.

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