#7 The First Opera

Millennia before, when the food chain was the law of nature and before we wriggled our way to the top of it, laws were laws. And they were enforced with such fervor and discipline that the world was as harmonious as it could have been and everyone played their part in it, the preys and their predators alike. And it was during this time that the laws of nature were challenged. And this is how the story goes.

Their lived a Spider, black, bold and big. He was arrogant and ruthless in his ways. His talent for weaving intricate patterned nets pleased the creator for he was an artist himself and so the spider was bestowed many talents as gifts. Poison, sharp fangs and vision of the various spectra’s made him a champion in the chain. And he was feared around, near and far. And knowing his skill and strength, he rode unparallel in his lifetime.

And thus it came that a Lizard happened to fall to his trap. The lizard was terrified and was praying to the heavens to save him. And maybe the creator answered him or not, but what followed will construct the foundation of this story. The spider was sharpening his claws and was slowly sizing up his prey. He approached him and took a nibble of his tail. And the tail severed out from the lizard and started its dance of death. This amused the spider and for a split second, the spider forgot his prey and laughed hard. He had grown bored of his pride and never found a worthy opponent and it seemed so that he will never find one. So he took it that the creator had thrown him a toy to play with. And he let the lizard live.

So the lizard ran away for his life and thanked the million stars that gazed upon him for their kindness. But that was just the beginning. When the lizard grew back his tail, the spider hunted him down and made him his toy. And this was the ordeal the lizard had to undergo through his life. Of fear, he sometimes cut down his own tail, to which he was subjected to the pain of slow poison of the spider. That was the wrath and it was much more than the ordeal of the tail. So life for the lizard now revolved around being the toy of the spider and being toyed. And this went for quite some time. The lizard became miserable and sad. He longed to end his life but he had learnt that life was precious no matter what one went through. That life prepares us for the next phase of our cosmic journey, a journey to find the meaning of our petty existence. And he mulled in his sadness.

Days passed. And up came a Mantis, always praying to the Gods above for reasons only he knows. And seeing the desolate shape of the lizard the mantis showed some empathy. And the lizard reciprocated his precarious position. The mantis smiled and shared his view on it. It is how the world is designed and that we all have to play a part in it. Without order and rules, chaos would have had an iron grip say in it and it would have lead to the destruction of this world way earlier that what it is intended to live on for. But the lizard felt that this wise mantis could have a solution for him and he begged him for a reason to live. The mantis, seeing that fate was playing a cruel game with him, decided to help him. And he asked him to pray to the Lord of Dreams. His domain is something we all are a part of it and he rules it with reason and is there for people who reach out to him. So only he may have a solution to his problem.

And thanking the mantis, the lizard goes on to dream and he dreams hard, for the way to the Dream Lords house is not meant for the weak and puny. And after a long and arduous journey, he meets the Dream Lord in the woods and shares his agony. Seeing his plight, he consoles the lizard and tells him that he can’t do anything to stop his plight in the waking world. The lizards head lowers and a trickle of tear is seen in his eyes. The Dream Lord smiles and suggests him to give some time and that he will come back to him soon.

And so the lizard kept faith and waited for the Lords return. So when it seemed that his faith was draining away, the Dream Lord visited him and shared his scheme. It was decided to give the power to construct the dreaming to the weak and the destitute once in a millennia, so that they too can have a year’s time to repay the favors they were bestowed upon by their counterparts. And all this will be under his watchful eyes for he doesn’t want it to get out of hand. And saying this he walks away, his eye glinting like the brightest star ever to have caught the lizard’s eye.

And so the lizard creates this Dream world where he lures the spider in with pleasures and toys. And when the spider is deep in his dream, the lizard draws over the curtain on the spider to what really awaits him. The spider is ensnared in his own web and he is being slowly roasted in hell fire. His poison is painfully extracted from him and is fed to him, drop by drop making sure that each agonizing scream of the spider is echoed through the worlds beyond this. And then he is slowly stripped of his limbs, one by one, dousing the wound with oils in which the hellfire burns its wrath and anger. And all his victims, the flies, bees, roaches, bugs and critters watched with revenge and joy in their eyes, pelting stones onto the spider and showering him with all their curses and omens.

And this continues for a year after which the world crumbles and with a glint on his eye, the Dream Lord walks away. The lizard is happy and thanks the Lord for his mercy and his take on the plight of the suppressed. The spider, who has been subjected to the wrath of the lizard and who has been tortured to all his wits, finds himself all shriveled up in darkness and destitute, awaiting death quietly for the past year had been hard on him. And this was brought into the attention of the Dream Lord. He had seen what his project had done to the waking world. The balance of life and death and creation and destruction was disrupted. The chain was shaken and battered. And if this was to continue, then it will be only soon that the chains holding this world together break free and chaos comes into the picture. He could see the dark thunder clouds of the Almighty making his presence and dissentment feel and he knew he needed to make amends.

So the Dream Lord makes this project open for the talented ones inhabiting this world. Ones that can create and destroy and maintain the harmony and integrity of the world they are from. He makes sure that the events arising from this will always provide a way to improve upon his creation and his world. And he shares this with his elder sister, who gives her nod to it. She too does something of this sort to better understand the task given to her. And he throws his sand across the meadow to grow again in a millennia and to open the gates to the prodigal ones. And it will be known as The Dreaming Opera, curated by Morpheus.

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