#8 Handle with Care

I am familiar here. Lately I have been hooked onto caffeine and I can’t shrug it off. The waiter sees me and gives me a polite smile. I reciprocate the same. My tips haven’t been great but unlike others I am consistent in it and I guess that is appreciated by the people in the café. He brings me the menu and with it the seats are drawn back for Mike and Tango. I called them here and we needed to talk, so I took the liberty to order their favourite item from the menu. Of course I confirmed with them, otherwise I would have to stuff them in my puny stomach later on.

#7 The First Opera

Millennia before, when the food chain was the law of nature and before we wriggled our way to the top of it, laws were laws. And they were enforced with such fervor and discipline that the world was as harmonious as it could have been and everyone played their part in it, the preys and their predators alike. And it was during this time that the laws of nature were challenged. And this is how the story goes.