#2 Smiling Sunset

Among the critters that drew my attention, there were the usual mongooses, stray dogs and huge rats to say, but a monitor lizard had suddenly caught my eye. A rare find in the swampy area that lies to the east. Storks, herons and cranes are an easy find. Sometimes I feel that I am seeing the same heron again and again which is quite difficult to comprehend cause I have no idea how to even distinguish them, based on their feature or even gender. I guess I never took the effort to. To the west lies a small dump yard, mainly serving as a waste collection point for all the residents nearby. And further to it lie two small shops, one selling milk and eggs and the other serving to the needs of the local smokers. Now in between lies a big house, two storied with two cars lining up their porch and a garden that is in dire need of some trimming. Strangely I haven’t seen anyone in it till now. Can’t blame their whereabouts for this as my presence in my house is considerably less.

The coffee was slowly bringing me back to its charm. She too was having one. She said she like it. I was delighted. Achievement unlocked. He he. The setting sun strikes a glow with the sky which is drenched in this beautiful play of colors. Like someone had tripped over multiple paint cans. Each color running towards each other, jostling for space and attention, blending seamlessly without their knowledge that brings out the beauty like a well orchestrated band.

I love it when orange takes the centre stage during a sunset. Look there. There is orange, vermillion, tangerine, amber and marigold. Ooh what a beauty.

Ok. So you call that light reddish shade tangerine. Well I can just make out that and the orange. Others are just light, lighter, dark oranges to me.

You guys are poor in distinguishing color.

Yup. I agree. That makes my shopping quite easier unlike you girls who take such a long time in deciding upon different shades of a single color while buying a saree that you are most probably going to wear for not more than a twice.

It is an art you won’t understand.

I seriously don’t want to understand. Just leave me from your shopping business and I am happy with it.

Ha ha. That’s where we win.

And then she sips her coffee. A cool breeze hits her and her hair just glides with the wind. She tucks it back behind her ears. Oh you are wonderful. If the coffee warms you, then it is this moment that has fleetingly passed away that makes me warm and joyous.

You know I really like this view from up here. I can feel the warmth of the setting sun, take small pleasures in watching those critters in scamper here and there. And these cool breezes that hit you from time to time. And I am pretty sure I won’t be bored of it.

I don’t have an opinion about that. I mean I love to have my coffee up here and enjoy the moment. But I don’t get that vibe most often. Unless you are here.

Charming words eh. Nice my boy. Nice. I like that. You know it’s very rarely you spell out something beautiful and charming about me that too coated in high degrees of innocence. So here’s a cheers to my boyfriend for having brought a smile in my face.


And we clink our coffee mugs together.

A small laughter appears on my face. I can’t hide it. And it suddenly evolves into a full blown laughter. Now I can’t stop myself. She joins in too, into the fun. And this lasts for a while.

You know what I think about sunrise and sunset. I regard them as the perfect notion of a life well lived. They are short in duration but then it makes sure that everyone who has witnessed it has had something forward to look to. Even though one might be in a miserable state of affairs, watching either of them gives one the warmth and happiness that one might not find elsewhere. And their influence is so strong that they make the birds chirp for you, the breeze to entice you and the trees to play with their shadows for you. Now isn’t that wonderful. Isn’t that what everyone wants to do with their lives? To bring about a smile in each other’s face.


I like her way of seeing things. Quite different from mine. Sometimes I too feel the same thing, but I never feel the need to express it to someone dear to me. That’s typical me. And that’s typical her. I am happy that she has a deep sense of thought. We talk philosophy sometimes, just to pass by time and I find it very engaging to have such a talk with her. She knows things and she can describe it well. And I will always be her avid listener. I love being curious, especially to her. Hope that curiosity doesn’t kill me just as it killed the crow.

My coffee is over. Her mug is empty also. The sun has set. The colors return with their master, ready to put on a show the next day. Darkness is creeping in slowly. The clock strikes five. Huh!

The darkness is replaced by light. The clock has finished striking five. The TV volume is on but the it speaks low.  I can hear the host slowly narrating the tale of this tiger, one of the rescued ones, who is now waiting to fall on his prey. I open my eyes and look around. Here I am lying in the sofa. Not astonished though. Lunch was heavy with my mom’s awesome sausage fries and scrambles eggs along with pineapple gravy and okra fry. That was topped with a cup of ice cream. One of the perks of occasionally visiting your home. I am in the mood for going out and play a match or two of football. But for now I can’t get up this sofa. Fifteen more minutes will do the trick. And I cuddle again.

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