#1 Sandy Shores

The water is cold, or cool, I mean not that cold for you to get all mushy and all but a nice cold.

Aptly cold.

Yeah I suppose. And the sun is just up. How did I wake up in the first place? It was already late when I slept and before I dozed off, I felt Jim Beam working his magic on me.

I don’t know. Maybe you badly needed to wake up.

Might be. Well the beach looks splendid, isn’t it? It is really long. Like the Marina beach in Chennai.

It is. And the waves are perfect for this time. They mildly tingle your feet and then smoothly wash away the sand beneath it.

Same feeling here. They are well behaved.

Not look you.

Duh. I behave well when it matters. And I think that’s more than enough.

Okay. Chill. Hey look. There’s a boat coming in. Let’s go and see their catch.

And then we both dash off towards the awaiting gathering. The fisherman came and tucked in their boat. It was small compared to the boats you see in fort Kochi or elsewhere. There were five of them and they hurriedly began unfurling their nets. And lo. There popped out some medium sized fish, plenty of small fishes, some shells big and small and then a couple of crabs. And those crabs were energetic. Immediately they started plotting their escape. They tried to hack their way out of the boat to which they were escorted to a separate bucket for sale.

Now here you can find two types of people. The locals, who come to buy the fresh fish for their daily needs, for whom it has become a part of a life and are friends with the fishermen. Then there are the tourists, who come for jogging in the morning with their DSLRs hanging on their neck, eagerly waiting for the fisherman to come just to take some photos of their catch or even to some extent a selfie of themselves with the fish or the fisherman. I shared this view with her and she gave me an amused and puzzled look. But then I saw her smiling which turned into a giggle. The sun striking her with the perfect light, her pretty face with that sly giggle made me wanna freeze the moment for eternity.

What are you ogling at? Come let’s go for a jog. I feel refreshed and energized.

Half a kilometer then. Till those kids bathing in the sea.

And here I am with a guy who has a belly but doesn’t want to reduce it.

It’s not the question of wanting to reduce my tummy. It’s all about wishing to reduce it. But then wishes need not come true eh.

Ha Ha. Very funny. Now jog with me.

And we jogged down the beach for a while. It was fun. Sleep had left me and the sky was dancing in colors. It was slowly beginning to get warm. Apart from the beating of my heart, the waves crashed on in a harmonious way. Birds chirped in the air and kids were laughing out while bathing in the sea. Coastal life was begetting me. The sea has always had a charm on me. I lived near to the beach while I was in Kozhikode and I was really influenced by it. The never ending winds and the waves always enthralled me. And the bounty it had to offer. Oh my god. Amma cooks it awesomely. Deep fried anchovies are my favourite. Maybe I should try to own a small shack in some upcoming beach. Lead a slow smooth sailing life. That’s all I wish for. But then as I stated earlier wishes need not come true. Or might even take some time. Who knows.

We were edging closer to the end of our jog. She looked all vibrant and happy and I was in turn happy to see this. Small doses of happiness.

There, that wasn’t so bad. You kept up good and you aren’t panting that bad. Maybe we should make this a daily routine.

And saying this she slaps my arm hard.

Ah! I wink. And suddenly my eyes seem so weighty. I somehow manage to open them and I am greeted by the sun shining brightly through the windows. One of them forgot to close the curtains. The sun is striking hard. I am lazy to wake up. The mobile was kind enough to give me a jolt in another five minutes or so with its alarm, set by yours truly, me. But I am adamant. I am still lazy to go for that jog that I hoped for. The moment had passed. My friends were sleeping soundly. No snoring though. Thank God for that. I look around myself. The blankets are still on. I turn to the other side, pull on my blankets and decide to lie down with all the laziness inside me.

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