#3 A Roady Affair

Eda I am feeling bored here. Let’s go out somewhere. Have any place in mind. I was thinking of going for a movie. It’s been a while since I went to a theatre. Naa. I don’t know. I just wanna feel the fresh air and all. Take your bike. Ok Bike rides with your girlfriend is something every guy looks forward to. Forget the brake and make scene. That is too old a number but admittedly one of the best ones. I feel the ride, or the journey with her behind me, hugging me tight through the corners and the traffic makes it special. And the talk, even though mostly inaudible makes you feel loved. So I start my bike, put on my jackets and get ready for the ride. She hops on behind me.

#2 Smiling Sunset

Among the critters that drew my attention, there were the usual mongooses, stray dogs and huge rats to say, but a monitor lizard had suddenly caught my eye. A rare find in the swampy area that lies to the east. Storks, herons and cranes are an easy find. Sometimes I feel that I am seeing the same heron again and again which is quite difficult to comprehend cause I have no idea how to even distinguish them, based on their feature or even gender. I guess I never took the effort to. To the west lies a small dump yard, mainly serving as a waste collection point for all the residents nearby. And further to it lie two small shops, one selling milk and eggs and the other serving to the needs of the local smokers. Now in between lies a big house, two storied with two cars lining up their porch and a garden that is in dire need of some trimming. Strangely I haven’t seen anyone in it till now. Can’t blame their whereabouts for this as my presence in my house is considerably less.

#1 Sandy Shores

The water is cold, or cool, I mean not that cold for you to get all mushy and all but a nice cold. Aptly cold. Yeah I suppose. And the sun is just up. How did I wake up in the first place? It was already late when I slept and before I dozed off, I felt Jim Beam working his magic on me. I don’t know. Maybe you badly needed to wake up. Might be. Well the beach looks splendid, isn’t it? It is really long. Like the Marina beach in Chennai.