Bartender by the sea.

I used to work at a Beach Resort, was the bartender by their beach-side bar. That was a really good job. I mean the view from the counter, the beautiful ladies in their sensuous swimwear blowing off their steam and drinking to their hearts content, the over drunk men with their senseless glorifying stories of …

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Time before existence….

Irrelevant questions, mind numbing answers, deluding conclusions forcing itself into rapid and tormenting contemplation; preserved lice from the ghastly head scratching while rummaging through the torrid landscape of the residence of the intellect, resulting in jolts of brilliance and empathy, reverently inking them into the vast white canvas of loneliness and commitment while believing and …

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Changing times and then there is me.

Did you think that was it from me? That after the October challenge I would slump back to being the old me? Lazy and way too nonchalant to write my blogs? Guess you are wrong. I was just reeling back from the month long writing process you know and introspecting on what to write next. …

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Those pristine beaches of Gokarna.

The sun, the sea, the sand and the wind catering just to you, just for you making this experience hand crafted for you, for you do deserve some pampering in this hectic life. Let nature invigorate you; let her show you peace and happiness. Let the greens of the swaying trees and the howl of the winds and the caress of the cold waves show you what you have been missing in your life. A slice of nature. Mother Nature.